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Monday, July 16, 2007

What is this Blog About

Hello Ladies:

First of all let me tell you this blog will be of interest only to ladies, as I am a professional male escort to ladies. Now let me try to summarize this blog in a nut shell......

This blog will actually try to explain "who" I am and "what" I can GIVE.

Frankly speaking, My purpose in life has been to provide pleasure and satisfaction to some ladies who actually are left lonely in this wide wide world.

I have been in this profession for almost about 3 years (am still safe) and have made some really good friends and have a lot of memories to cherish. I love intimate encounters to the max and one fine day I decided to make a profession of what I love the most. "SEX" ...... and as they say "Sex Sells" .... I decided that why not actually sell sex ???????

So here I am. My next post will actually tell you a little bit about my self and the "How" "Why" "When" about my reasons to be who I am today.

Please bear in mind, this is not a erotic literati post where you can get off just by reading, But a serious effort to try to understand MY OWN LIFE for myself.

All these years, I really don't have any complaints nor any grudges towards life. Am actually quite happy and content the way things have turned out themselves for me in Life. But today I am sitting back all to myself, and am trying to make out where my life is heading?

At this point of time in life, and at this age, "Do I have anyone that I can actually call my OWN" anyone that is not there in my life "For benefits"? and purely because they care for me personally without selfish reasons ? Please do bear in mind, This is the life I HAVE CHOSEN so am not actually complaining but still............................

Will write about myself tomorrow, and then I am planing to write about my life as a Male escort and some of my experience's. Since I am planing to actually write (and try to get published) a book on my life as a male Escort, this Blog and your feedbacks will actually help me to an insight to my life as well as maybe write a best seller ? ;)

Most of my regulars, know me well, and though I have told them about what I am starting today (the writing) Let me also reassure them all that you are safe, and this is not supposed to be the "Kiss and Tell" where I make a lot of cash, All your identities are safe in my heart and NONE of them will be reproduced here. This Blog is not about you but about me. So what ever I write, though the experiences will be as real as they were when I had them, All names and places will be changed. All my writings that I plan today, will in no way point or even HINT to people who have crossed their paths with me in my lifetime.

But one person who I actually would like to thank from the bottom of my heart is Shraddha, it is with her help and advice that my life took this turn and treaded this path, and today she stands behind me as I type this fully aware of what I am going through and has actually persuaded me to write her name here publicly thanking her for what I am today.

Thank you Shraddha. Though you have no expectations from me and I have never ever given you anything in life, Though you have a totally separate peaceful and content life, All these years you have stood by me and my beliefs without questioning my motives or doubting me or my intentions. We don't really share ANY kind of relationship, so I guess the name (if any) that I can give to our relationship is Friendship. Pure friendship......... Dear readers, please do not read between the lines here, She and I have shared the worst moments OF MY life but we have never even thought of each other as anything other then pure friends. She has a very nice family complete with 2 kids whom I adore. I guess that should clear the air about my relationship with you Shraddha. Thank you once again.

Please do wait for my next post about WHO I AM.


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